Enablers Are So Dangerous

What have we learned from the 2016-2020 time in the US?

Enablers(1) enable enablers(1) and these people infect a whole nation’s mindsets and mentalities. People who are confused and confusing become even more so. This is very serious business that destroys legitimate business and other activities. The contagiousness of covid can be compared with the spread of lies and enabling lies.

We need to stand up for the contrary of being an enabler(1). What is the real contrary of being an enabler. Can one enable good things? Of course. But is that the exact contrary of being an enabler?


Edouard Askmo


(1) Defined as:

a. TacitEnabler – Supports somebody’s bad habits silently.

b. Overt Enabler – Supports another’s bad habits materially and otherwise.

A person who directly or indirectly sponsor another person’s bad or dangerous habits/opinions, lies a.s.o.

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