Topics and Themes + Message Carriers?

Topics and themes are subjects/matters that need or can be treated and presented. We work with evaluations of topics that can become themes over time or immediately in some cases.

It’s a lot of fun but also serious stuff since one needs to provide useful or/and in some cases actionable information and knowledge.

In some cases it’s “only” about insights and inspiration.

One of the fields of failure when one treats important and meaningful topics/themes is that one may not fully control the things that one expresses.

Avoiding being/becoming lecturing/patronising is a very important ingredient of a normal and acceptable presentation. Being fully aware that even idiots are not complete morons is good start!

When we humans have a sense of being right about something or that people are paying attention, we have two main choices: be humble or not. Yes, it’s not very complicated. But let us not pretend that we are humble if we are not. Humility is not an art or science. Humility is a mindset that can become stronger than a temperament/character or mentality.

So What Are Message Carriers In Our Context?

Message carriers are things, stuff, matter, digital or physical that are helping a message to be put into a more general or more specific context.

A message carrier and be a static or dynamic thing, it can be some very simple visible or audible thing or it can be a very advanced process with steps or superpositions/layers of messages, contexts and what not..

A simple form of a digital message carrier can be a meme or a short video with some message with or without sound.

A more advanced form of a digital message carrier can be a process where there is a possible or mandatory participation to get to new steps/levels of the carried message. So there is a movement from one level of understanding/realisation/reward and so on. That could be a video with a survey inserted in it or i could be a survey with video steps included in it. It can also be a contest with different rewards or insight levels. An informative survey can serve different purposes for instance.