The Killer Is Not Identified Even If The Solution Against It Is Available..

Before reading this text, note that it is written rapidly and needs to be corrected by a native english speaking person.

Do I understand what is happening to us as a humanity? Can I help others and get helped by people who are wiser than me? Are we humble or just humbled by the pandemic? Untreated frustration leads to the weakening of our immune systems: the biological and the spiritual immune system.

We live in a time when people die more than usually for one identified (yet invisible to the naked eye) reason that seems to hit here and there and almost everywhere.

Then there is this thing with some people being over exposed to the risk of getting hit by the same disease.

Most people are successful in avoiding being seriously affected by the infection if they live in countries and societies that are trying or even pushing for some justice in terms of equality of rights and duties.

The selfishness is seriously made visible in many situations that are exacerbated by the ravages of the spread of this terrible bug leading to the disease.

Poor people living in countries with a weak sense of justice and equal opportunities are leading to deaths that could have been avoided.

In some cases there is a good will from authorities in poor countries to help as many as possible but there is little or no capacity to assist and help people in need in general and especially when the pandemic gains terrain.

(or possibility) to dispense resources and with terrible or weak infrastructure

But not so few are more infected by the affection of the fear of catching the bug that leads to the sickness than for the consequences of lack of compassion and selfishness.

It’s not just a wordplay: infection/affection. We need to discover another disease that is spiritual and that affects all of us until we yes or no respond to the way out of it.

There is a goal with our souls and therefore what we do of/with our lives, our short lived biological adventures (even if we live to become 100 or so).

I would like to get your support to make some research about this topic of the comparison between diseases that have a common source that needs to be identified and taken out of business.

Do you see yourself doing the best of the situation or get rid of the situation? Are you able to avoid the situation completely? Do you pray to God or claim to understand that your approach is only scientific?

What about having a scientific approach and love God in the same time? Some of us are very sure about our way of interpreting reality based on this or that faith or this or that scientific fact or principle. I do believe that the God I worship, the Creator of the Universe and humanity on this earth wants us to be both scientific and humble. Praying is a fantastic thing that God allows us to do to come to Him.

We are really hurting ourselves and each other indirectly and sometime even directly when we don’t go to God to thank Him for all these things we take for granted but also ask for help when what we do take for granted isn’t as granted anymore. Can I claim this and that about why a disease that kills infect a lot of us humans and affect almost all of us humans on this planet in one way or another?

Edouard Askmo

Ed Askmo
Ed Askmo

Remarks by the author of the text:

The topic or topic field here is about introducing the notion of different diseases: biological and spiritual pandemics. The difficulty in writing about this topic is that it’s very easy to get moralistic about the matters brought up in this context and in general. Note that it’s important to avoid using the name of the bug and the disease it brings. The reason is that people are already oversaturated with these terms and expressions. So it’s a way of speaking more generally about the causes and the effects of the pandemic.

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