Do You Even Try To Understand?

Hey there.

Are you confronted to people that claim that they know but don’t want to really understand more or at all? This is a real pain in the baba.

I’ve try to see if I do that to other people or even myself. But more important, do I do that to God?

We all need to consider very carefully if we are on track with our will to make serious progress for unselfish reasons. We are so easily lost and statistically speaking the vast majority of us are a waste of time to the rest of humanity since we are so confused and confusing to each others and the rest of people that we influence directly or indirectly.

We need help from above and each other if we are all looking for the truth that comes from God our Creator. People who refuse God’s help are the majority of people sadly. But we need to be with God as He is with us. So if we deny God whether we are unbelievers or believers, we need to realise that it’s to our detriment spiritually and more generally speaking too.

Edouard Askmo