Now That You Know More About Yourself…

So here is the deal with this text and growing resource, if God allows:

You are a person who tries to understand more about what the purpose of your actions is. You want to do the right things for (the) good reasons and so on. But you realise that you need to know more about yourself over time. Now you consider that you’ve got some insights about who you are and that you’ve found what your thing is. You may be defending one or more causes more or less actively. You soon may realise your limitations and you’re frustrated or not about these limitations.

How do you believe that this topic should be developed over time and space? Let us know.

What Is An Online Marketer?

I’m not an Online marketer and may never become one. So why do I write about Online marketing? I believe that I can help a couple of people here and there. Then I will try to market some things that I have to provide as well as other peoples’ and organisations stuff that I attempt to review.

Do you really want to know what an Online marketer is? I would like to let you know more about this Online marketing thing. But first, you need to know some things you can do to understand more about what Online marketing could be for you and others.

Online marketers try to help and profit of other people who want to become Online marketers. This is a good and a bad thing. When is it a good thing? When is it a bad thing? You need to find out the hard way or let somebody warn you about some things that are going on.

The problem to be solved has to do with marketers who specialise in giving hope to people who are not marketers but would like to be recognised as such or become marketers. People want to become superstars in different industries. Online marketing is gathering people who want to earn before they learn or people who claim that one can earn before one learn. Then there are those who teach people who learn and learn but never really practice what they learn.

So there is a need to help people realise that they shouldn’t invest money in learning that they will not practice. That’s why it’s so important to not let people lose money on stuff they won’t use or/and practice. People who want to become or claim that they are Online marketer very often live on illusions.

It’s not because it’s not possible to market Online. So what is the problem Online with these so-called Online marketers that are not becoming or being Online marketers? They are daydreamers or evening/night dreamers.

They are not understanding even if some of them are accumulating knowledge. They need to apply something and then be patients and learn to fine tune what they do instead of jumping on the next course or shiny object.

Ed Askmo

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Information – Knowledge – Wisdom

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Knowledge And Literacy Not The Same

I didn't have time to give the 8 or so minutes attention to this person. But I hope I will be able to take the time soon to listen to him. If you have time to listen before me, leave a comment below if you don't mind.

Early Aviation That Had A Historical Impact!


Aviation History you can live without if you want to call that a life!

DC 3

If you don't DC3 with me, I will consider that you know more about DC3 than me or that you have asked for a dispute concerning what matters in aviation history.

If you need information that you can build knowledge with, then you will want to make sure that this or that knowledge really helps you and others understand matters better. Hope this makes sense. If you know what you speak about in a way that increases your and other people’s ability and will to understand more, you’ve already accomplished something.

Ed Askmo