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Jesus Christ 


Knows About Jesus Christ

This page is about Jesus Christ And About Following Him

First we need to find out about Jesus Christ in the Bible. When we really are able to determine that He is the Son of God and what that implies, we are invited to understand more about what He wants from us.

Doing the best of this space Online to serve God is my motivation for having this site up and running.

Edouard Charles Boris Askmo

Read the Bible

First we need to find out where  one can get the best  information and knowledge allowing to really understand God: the Bible.

Understanding People Through How They React To The Bible's Content? Understanding People  Before  They Read In The Bible?

Both understanding before and after are important  when people accept to be exposed to what is written and claimed in the Bible.

What  in the Bible would one dare recommend to a person who is not very familiar  with the Bible? Asking the person what he or she wants to understand more about  may be one of the best ways to try to inspire the person by  indicating passages that are  easy to understand the main message of the Bible. 

There are no real atheist but different ways to deny God. That's a claim made here . If this is not written or indirectly reasonable to derive from biblical  Truth, then we need to be careful before we say so,  This claim about all being directly or indirectly denying God is important to treat as a topic according to the writer of  this text you're reading or listening to. 

There are believers who are denying God directly or indirectly. They may not deny God's existence but they deny His authority even if they claim that they are law abiding citizens and what not. Atheist say they frankly  can't believe in God. But  it's more a question of not wanting to  admit that they believe in Him. 

There may be different reasons why people claim that they don't believe in God. But generally when things get very serious and dramatic people start to pray to God even if they've claimed to be atheists or have become so. 

We need to understand more about God's existence and goodness whatever background we have and whatever we have  claimed to be so far. Life is short and we owe it to ourselves to know what we believe in rather than believe we got it all figured out.

Topics  That Will Be Treated And Presented In The  Sections Below

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